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korzkiew_2005_13mReconstruction of Korzkiew Castle in the 14th century

The Korzkiew Castle is a 14th century fortress. This is the first one from the direction of Krakow to open the series of defensive fortifications along the Eagle Nests Trail. Since 1997 intensive activities aiming at restoring its due magnificence have been carried out. At present the curtain walls of the lower castle, the walls of all the buildings of the castle complex, the court yard and wooden arcades around the walls have been almost totally reconstructed. Despite the building works that are still in progress, we would like to invite you for a walk amongst 650 years old walls. Your effort will be awarded with a wonderful view from the tower. At the Castle’s foothills there is a 19th century park complex with well-preserved sites of ancient forests, which is now becoming to be the perfect place for the inhabitants of nearby towns as well as for more and more numerous tourists.



The charity action of the Yuletide of the Knights of Malta

The idea of the Yuletide of the Knights of Malta is to enhance happiness and give help to people in need, those who are lonely, abandoned, and often poor. These people usually live aside, their needs are not noticed. Therefore, they seldom hope to make their dreams come true. The Order of Polish Knights of Malta wants to make it possible for them to experience happiness derived from a Christmas meeting. For many of such people the possibility to take part in the Yuletide of the Knights of Malta is the only chance to feel the festive atmosphere of Christmas. This is a ray that would bring light to the whole next year for them.


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